INTERVIEW: Benson Mokhtar, the face model for Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3

EvilHazard alongside Resident Evil Project had the opportunity to interview Benson Mokhtar, the face model for Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3. Thanks for the attention, Ben and thanks to our partners EvilHazard for this interview.

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1. How did you get invited to get in the Resident Evil 3 game production?

My agency got contacted by Capcom who saw me on their website. My agent told me that they saw my composite on their website and they were interested in me already since I matched the artwork.

2. Were you familiar to the Resident Evil franchise before working on RE3? Were you aware of the success of the series?

Yes, I played Resident Evil 1,2,3 and CODE: Veronica on Dreamcast. I played the 5th very briefly. For sure the Resident Evil saga is successful.

3. How Carlos was described to you? And what do you think about him?

For that new project they didn’t even revealed the name of the game cause they wanted to keep it secret. All they told me was that it was 3D scanning but soon as I heard “Carlos and Capcom” I knew that it was Resident Evil.

4. What were the biggest challenges when you played your role in Resident Evil 3 as Carlos? It was your first role as a video game character?

The most difficult part was not eye blinking since the room was very bright and all the cameras were flashing simultaneously. As a main role and 3D modeling, yes it was my 1st time. I did some project for a Switch game but it wasn’t 3D modeling. It was a project, a pilot but I think that the game never released.

5. Would you tell us when the whole Resident Evil 3 project got started?

From what I have been told they started right after they finished Resident Evil 2 Remake. I also was told that the release of RE3 will depend on the success of RE2. You got to keep in mind that sometimes some project are abandoned.

6. Did you see the final result? Did you have the chance to test RE3?

I only played the demo. I surely will get the game tho.

7. Can you tell us about the process to capture your facial angles and expressions?

First they draw some points on my face to spot on motion capture. Then they brought me in a bright white room and asked me to sit in the middle of a spot surrounded by a 100 or more cameras Then following a scripted sequence they asked me to do some facial expressions (some were more difficult than others, some were more focused on the details of the mouth, eyes, eyebrows…). Each facial expressions was filled by a simultaneous shot with flashes. Not eye blinking was definitely the most difficult part… The next part was the body. They asked me to get dress like Carlos and we moved on a different white room with plenty of cameras too. They asked me to step on a platform and asked me to adopted some basic combat stances. And finally they gave me some assault rifle and asked me to pose. Then they gave me a gun and I did some basic combat stances.

8. Do you consider yourself a gamer? Do you play games frequently, as a hobby, or games aren’t much your thing?

I used to play 2D fighting video game. I recently played RE2 and I’m willing to try the 3rd too.

9. As we know, you already played the classic Resident Evil 3. About Carlos’ old look, compared to his current look, what did you think of the changes? Did you like it, and would you add something to his look?

The original Carlos is great but I’ve always felt that something was missing. His previous look didn’t really fit his latin American heritage, his old look was more the one of a back then “boys band member.” Knowing how Fidel Castro and Che Guevara look like, I’ve always wondered why the original Carlos didn’t match that image… Now the problem is fixed… Those 20 years gave Carlos a new look, more mature and stewed like a real guerrilla mercenary.

10. Brazilian fans have a big question that has never been answered since 1999: Is Carlos Oliveira from Brazil? Do you have any information about this?

Well, also asked the question but they simply said latin American and Native autochtone. I assume that he is Brazilian somehow cause Oliveira is a very common Brazilian name.

11. Would you like to be invited to work again in the Resident Evil franchise, in a future game, or even in a film production or streaming service?

It would be my pleasure to develop Carlos image even further.

12. We know that you speak and study many languages, including Portuguese. What do you know and admire about brazilian culture? Would like to leave a message for all brazilian Resident Evil fans?

I love the musical elegance of Brazilian Football, I love Brazilian martial artists and fighters. I love capoeira, I love the Brazilian diversity and its classics singers such as Sergio Mendes or Jorge Ben Jor: “Zum Zum Zum, Oliveira mata um!”

One message for the Brazilian fanbase: Eu amo todos vocês! Muito obrigado pela sua positividade!

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