INTERVIEW: Sheri Nicole, the face model for January Van-Sant in Resident Evil Resistance

The EvilHazard website alongside Resident Evil Project had the opportunity to interview Sheri Nicole, the face model of January Van-Sant in the upcoming Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetric multiplayer based on RE Universe coming as an extra game of Resident Evil 3 Remake. January was a Raccoon City citizen and an expert hacker who was investigating connections between the Raccoon Police Departament (R.P.D.) and Umbrella. However, during her investigation, January was captured by Umbrella and used as a host to a new virus of the company.

Check the interview with Sheri Nicole. And special thanks to the model for her kindness and attention. Also, big thanks to EvilHazard and Loading Time Channel.

1. Do you consider yourself a gamer? Do you play games frequently, as a hobby, or games aren’t much your thing?

I do!! I don’t have the most time in the world lately to play as much as I like, but I do really enjoy gaming and I have played since I was a small girl (I definitely remember playing Resident Evil when I was really young when I lived in The States so I’m very excited to be a character in one of their games now!

2. How did you get invited to get in the project Resident Evil REsistance?

I was sent information from my modeling agency where I was asked to send photos and videos of myself. From there I was chosen to attend a fitting for the character and then was chosen for the role!

3. Would tell us when the whole project got started? When working on it, did you know that it would be part of the Resident Evil 3 Remake?

The whole process for January’s role (and I assume the other roles as well) began quite a long time ago (over a year ago). When I was chosen as January, I had no idea it was going to be a part of the Resident Evil 3 remake, so I was super excited and happy when I finally found out that it was!

4. What were the biggest challenges when you played your role in RE: Resistence? It was your first take as a video game character?

It was my first video game character job so in that sense, I was a bit nervous about if I would be able to do the role properly, but it was a ton of fun doing the shooting for January and I’m very happy I was chosen! I hope everyone likes her!

5. What are your thoughts about your character in RE:REsistance? Do you have anything in common with him/her?

I think she’s super cool and a definite badass! Our personal styles are a bit different, but I love her personality and I think she’s super smart and has an interesting back story! Why does everyone who has played the beta think of her so far??

6. Did you have had any previous contact with the Resident Evil franchise prior to your work on Project RE: Resistance? Have you already played any Resident Evil before?

Yes, most definitely! I used to play Resident Evil when I was younger with my twin brother and I loved it! I also used to watch all of the movies as well so I was definitely happy when I was approached about being in the new game!

7. We can notice since the first trailers and video gameplays, that the RE Engine that powers the RE:REsistance delivers very realistic and detailed graphics. So, can tell us something about the face and motion capture process? Did you have experienced any struggles with the tech?

It was a very cool process! Basically, after I was chosen to play January I had a fitting where they put me in the same exact clothes that January wears in the game. Then on a different date, they invited me to the Capcom headquarters here in Japan where I had to wear January’s clothing and they did my hair and makeup just like that of January in the game. After hair and makeup, they 3D body-scanned my head, face, and body as well as asked me to do a wide variety of facial expressions so that they could capture my facial movements for the game. I was then asked to do a wide variety of poses, gestures, and movements so that they could capture my body’s movements to use in the game as well!

8. Did you get to play Project Resistence’s beta? Or have seen any of the game’s videos? If so, what did you think about the final version of it?

I was super busy and didn’t have a chance to play the beta.. But I hope that everyone who had a chance to play it loved it and I hope everyone likes January! I am really looking forward to playing my character when the final game comes out!

9. How January was depicted to you during the production’s process? How these details have helped you to get into the characters?

Honestly, I didn’t get a lot of details about January when I was first chosen for the part. They told me she was a young badass with a difficult past but that she was also smart, resourceful, and a strong ally! So I was definitely happy to play the part of her! January’s badass personality and her hacking skills, etc made it a super fun role to play!

10. Overall, did you have enjoyed the experience of taking part of Project RE: Resistance?

Yes, it was a very cool experience and I hope they choose to do more stuff in the future with January’s character!!

11. In case that you get invited to take the part in a future Resident Evil or another popular gaming franchise, would you get in again?

Yes! I would absolutely love to continue doing similar roles! I really hope they choose to do more with January’s role in Resident Evil!

12. Have you ever been in Brazil, or have you ever get contact from brazilian fans before? Would like to leave a message for all brazilian Resident Evil fans?

I have never been to Brazil, but I would absolutely LOVE to go one day! I have a few friends from Brazil and it seems like a beautiful, beautiful place! I just really hope everyone loves playing the game and loves January’s character as much as I do! I’m super happy with all of the Brazilian fans that have reached out to me so far, so thank you a lot! Happy Gaming!

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Resident Evil Resistance is coming soon as an extra game for Resident Evil 3 on April 3rd, 2020 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.